New to cloth diapers?

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Potty training, is she ready?

My youngest daughter is 22 months old. I am thinking more and more about potty training her. Both wishing she was ready and also savoring what I know are you her last months of using diapers.
In many ways she has reached the necessary developmental milestones that would tell me she is ready for potty training. She sometimes is dry after a nap or even all night. She knows when she is going pee or poopy. She is interested in the potty chair. The only problem is that she refuses to actually sit on the potty chair with no diaper/clothes on. She actually insists on using a diaper, although she can tell me right away when she has done a poop. I am trying to continue with the normal diapering routine, until she seems less scared of actually sitting on the potty with a bare bottom.
Watch for continued updates Issy's potty training progress, or lack thereof.