New to cloth diapers?

If you are just starting out and want more information on cloth diapers, check out my posts in October and November of 2009. This will give you information on types of cloth diapers, washing routines etc..... You are welcome to email me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother-Ease: one of my favorite cloth diaper brands!

Mother Ease is a company out of Canada that manufactures superior cloth diapers and diaper covers. I have used both their one-size fitted diapers and also there sized fitted diapers, called Sandy's, on my daughter Isabelle from the age of about 10 months all the way through potty training.

Their one-size diapers adjust to fit a 10lb baby all the way up to potty training age or about 35lbs. There Sandy's diaper come in 4 sizes. Newborn for 6-12lbs, small for 8-20lbs, large from 20-35lbs and toddler size for 35-45lbs. Most children only need the size small and large to make it through potty training.
Both of their fitted diapers come in several different fabrics. You can pick from a rainbow of colors or white cotton, unbleached cotton, organic cotton (my favorite) and bamboo.

Mother Ease also makes water-proof polyester diaper covers. The "Air Flow"diaper covers are a size snap cover, so curious baby's will find it difficult to undo the diaper cover. The size snaps are positioned in such a way that the cover allows air to ventilate, but is still leak free. They come in white and a variety of pastel colors and prints. Mother Ease also makes velcro wrap diaper covers, all-in-one diapers and a variety of other products. I find Mother Ease fitted diapers and covers to be a good value and they are very effective at containing messes and they are nicely absorbent.

The organic cotton diapers are 100% cotton and while a bit more expensive, I feel like they are the best for my child and for the environment. The conventional cotton , unbleached, colors and bamboo have a small percentage of polyester in them for durability. These diapers wash well and can be tumbled dry or hung to dry.You can read an older post of mine for detailed washing instructions or you can go to for more information.

I hope to become a Mother Ease retailer here in North Carolina sometime within the next few months. I am working on a plan for my own line of handmade children/baby items; diaper bags, cloth baby wipes, wool diaper covers and even some baby clothes. My hope is that I will have these items available in a home based boutique. Offering a line of good quality cloth diapers is also my goal. So watch for future posts about this adventure.