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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FuzziBunz Cloth diapers

FuzziBunz cloth diapers are some of the first cloth diapers that I used on my first child, Annabelle. They are called a "pocket" diaper, which is a waterproof outer layer of PUL that is sewn to a stay dry inner layer of fleece. The back of the diaper has an opening for the absorbent layers. They come with a microfiber insert that you "stuff" between the two layers. But you can use other inserts as well. I liked to use a 100% cotton infant size prefold in the diaper. They offer great absorbency and wash very well. FuzziBunz are easy for Dads, Grandparents and child care workers to use because they go on like a disposable diaper and when soiled you just remove the diaper and put on a new one.
They are adjustable in the waist and legs with snap closers that are very durable and longer lasting than velcro/aplix closures.
I would recommend FuzziBunz to new mommas that want to try out an easy cloth diaper. I am also an affiliate for them, so use this link to check them out and order if you wish.

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