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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Issy is trained!

My daughter is 32 months old and she has finally potty trained just this last week! She is doing so well and is very aware. So much so that she stays up late at night until she has gotten up one last time to go pee pee before falling asleep. While this is a bit annoying for mom, she is waking in the morning totally dry. Only one accident yesterday and its been over a week since I would say the "light when on". Its true that a child needs to be gently guided and not rushed into the potty training and that eventually a with "click". This happened a little later for Issy than for my first child, so I was worried. But each child is unique and I was patient with her. I now the Sandy's diapers that can be pulled up and down helped us greatly as well as the M+M rewards.
Now I am on to my new hobby with is sewing wool diaper covers for other peoples babies. I need to stay involved with this cloth diapering world until I get a newbie to diaper in cloth again :) You never know a girl can hope!!

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