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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Potty training sucess!

Issy has been potty learning for several months (with not much commitment on my part). Well recently, after being frustrated with all the accidents in her cotton training pants, I decided to purchase some side snapping cotton fitted diapers. They are great at containing a mess, but can pull up and down like regular underwear. I got Mother-Ease brand Sandy's diapers. I got some in pretty colors and told Issy they were her new pretty "fluffy underwear". She has been doing great with these. I pair them with a pair of wool pants to catch any moister. But to be honest she is having great success with going potty and staying dry. She has even started telling me when she needs to go. This has been a new development in the last few days.
I also purchased a large bag of peanut M+M's which have been a great motivation for her to use the big girl potty. We did this for a couple days until they were gone and now the behavior has continued even without the treats.
Another thing that has helped with the potty training is our "Potty Power" video. She loves watching it and knows the songs.
I am so proud of Issy and we are not longer having issues with night time "ammonia" diapers, because she is going pee on the potty right before bed and is dry until early morning. She is still wetting her diaper at this time, but at least she isn't laying in a urine soaked diaper all night.

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